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Hire for any role or skillset from 5-40 hours per week and cancel anytime. But before we can begin our matching process, we’d like to ask a few questions.

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How FlexTal works


Step 1:

Your Talent needs

Please provide us with as many details as possible about your talent needs. FlexTal can accommodate both individual freelancers and teams of up to ten. Our team of experts will review your information and get back to you to clarify any questions and better understand your requirements.


Step 2:

Meet your matches

Within days, we’ll introduce you to Talent for you to review and interview. The average time to match Talent is 7-10 days.


Step 3

They join your team

Once we introduce you to your matches, they’ll be ready to start as soon as you give the green light. After you approve the match, they’ll integrate into your team like an in-house employee. Although FlexTal talent typically works remotely, on-site arrangements can be made if required.