A new and better way to get your projects done

We match companies with Experts for hourly and fixed-fee projects.

A new and better way to get your projects done

We match companies with Experts for hourly and fixed-fee projects.


Expert developers

Get matched with Expert software developers, coders, and architects with expertise across hundreds of languages and technologies.


Expert marketers

Get matched with Expert marketers with expertise across email, paid, social, amazon, brand, SEO, content, programmatic, and more.


Expert designers

Get matched with Expert graphic, UI, UX, visual, content, and interaction designers, as well as a wide range of illustrators, animators, and more.


Expert consultants

Get matched with Expert consultants in management consulting, M&A, turnarounds, startups, operations, product, and fractional executive work.

Trusted by leading brands, startups, and agencies

Your most important projects deserve the world's best Experts

Hire quickly

Hire Experts in 7-10 days. Scale up or down, no strings attached. We offer flexible engagements for hourly and fixed-fee projects.

Hire globally

All the Experts in our global network embody the highest levels of integrity, professionalism, and communication, making project-based hiring easy.

Future of work

The future of work is project-based, not role-based. Our Expert network is ready for tomorrow’s business challenges by embracing advanced hard and soft skills.

High quality

Every Expert applicant to the FlexTal network is rigorously screened and vetted. As a result, our highly selective process leads to a 98% match-to-hire success rate.

The Future of Work is project based, not role based

Service firms, job boards, marketplaces, head hunters, and staffing agencies, weren’t built for a software-first remote world.

Too Slow

The average time to define a project and hire an Expert is almost 90 days and 50+ hours of company time.

Shallow vetting

Companies lack the time, tools, and technology to effectively screen and access Experts for the hard and soft skills they need to succeed.

Limited talent pool

Companies have a limited pool of Experts that they can quickly hire and scale up and down as their needs change.

The world's best Experts matched on demand™


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We recruit, screen, and vet all our Experts for hard and soft skills

How FlexTal works


Submit your details

An Expert will meet with you to better understand your project details including job type, role, skills, level, industry, etc.


Interview Expert matches

Within days, we'll send you Expert profiles for you to review and interview. The average time to match Experts is 7-10 days.


The right fit, guaranteed

Start work with your new Expert and have peace of mind knowing that we offer unlimited Expert rematches.

Have a project? Need an Expert?

For hourly or fixed-fee projects.

Why companies choose FlexTal over DIY or marketplaces

7-10 days

The time it takes FlexTal to help define and match Experts for your projects, sometimes the same day.

50+ hours

Of company time saved trying to define and hire the Experts they need for projects.

98% success

We have a 98% match-to-hire success rate making FlexTal the most intelligent way to hire and scale Experts.

Thousands of Expert developers, designers, marketers, and consultants have already joined FlexTal

The world's best Experts matched on demand™

Why are the most Talented Experts joining FlexTal?

Because they want flexibility and options, not just another JOB.

✓ Exclusive FlexTal Expert Success support

✓ Vetted once, eligible for life

✓ Income stability thanks to 99% rematch rate

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Join a network of the world’s best Experts.

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