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2023: A WorkSpace Odyssey

line drawing of space ship similar to the craft seen in "2001: A Space Odyssey"

In a world where technology has rewritten the rules of our daily lives… Okay, now, go ahead and re-read that first line in your best movie-trailer-announcer voice.

Technology is a catalyst for change. Devices and apps have updated how we interact with our workplace and with each other. Predominantly, the modern blend of hardware and software is working to simplify tasks, reduce redundant chores, and make access to information – and each other – easier. Technology is everywhere.

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Freelancers Unleashed: Uncovering The Power Of The On-Demand Workforce

Line drawing of a dog's leash. Leash is light blue with an orange clasp. Background is dark blue.

Today’s rapidly evolving business landscape has redefined the traditional notions of how employees think about work and employment. The rise of the on-demand economy has ushered in a new era where freelancers are taking center stage, redefining how work gets done. The on-demand workforce, characterized by independent contractors, remote workers, and gig economy participants, offers a range of benefits and opportunities for businesses willing to tap into its power. It may be time for your organization to explore the untapped potential of the on-demand workforce and start to understand how it might be able to transform your business.

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Marketing in the Digital Age of Business

Graphic representing a cell phone with text bubbles on it. The text bubbles contain marketing images including a speaker and a sale-tag.

For over a decade, people have been tossing around the term “The Digital Age of Business.” Today, everyone has access to countless versions of software and augmented-reality options to perform marketing tasks. Nearly every day, a new mobile app pops up and promises to give you access to all the tools you need to promote your brand, product, service, or even yourself. With just a little time and a meager budget, we’re just a few clicks away from creating and launching a campaign to drive traffic to our website. However, investing in digital ads without relevant knowledge or strategy often leads to wasted resources and low returns.

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How To Leverage Flexible Talent To Avoid Leadership Fatigue Or Burnout

Graphical representation of three light blue matches in a row; the first has no flame, the second has flame, the third and rightmost has only smoke.

In today’s fast-paced business world, people get stressed and exhausted. It’s no longer just a case of the Mondays; burnout is a common challenge that affects both leaders and employees. In most workplaces, people find constant pressure to deliver results, meet deadlines, and stay ahead of the competition. This work-related stress can significantly affect employees, even the most experienced business leaders. To avoid burnout, many in the workforce reach for the most common magic potion: caffeine. However, there is another, more powerful solution. No, not a double shot of espresso. This other business secret weapon can help you and your team avoid burnout while simultaneously revolutionizing your operations: freelancers.

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The Human Connection: Building Strong Relationships with Freelancers and Full-Time Employees

graphic of 4 human figures (represented by head and shoulders in a circle). Three employees are similarly blue, one is orange. All four are connected by intersecting lines.

Let’s be honest; over the last decade, the workplace has changed. It’s not simply that executives no longer rely on Blackberry or Palm; the whole landscape has experienced significant transformation. Gone are the days when cubicle-laden offices and 9-to-5 jobs were the only options. With the rise of the gig economy, flexible talent and remote workers have become an integral part of a global workforce. However, building solid relationships with freelancers and full-time employees remains essential for successful businesses despite physical distance and differing work arrangements.

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Expect Employees To Hustle

graphic depicting a stylization of the words "side hustle, 2023"

With prices for everyday items on the rise and most Americans facing the tightening of their belts, people are searching for creative ways to increase their income. After exhaustingly checking the sofa cushions for coins, many people have turned to gig work to help make ends meet. As a result, the gig economy has rapidly transformed the traditional workforce, with more and more individuals seeking freelance work to supplement their income. In fact, a recent study found that nearly half of American workers have a side hustle and are participating in the gig economy in some capacity.

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What Do Rotary Phones and Full-Time Hires Have In Common?

drawing of rotary telephone on field of blue

Cell phones didn’t eradicate telephone calls, but when did you last use a rotary phone?

While companies continue to tighten their belts, lay people off, and cut full-time positions, the gig economy is growing. As a result, contractors and companies are finding the flexible talent model to be a sustainable approach to the current employment landscape.

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Navigating the Journey from Full-Time Employment to Freelance Work

drawing of map with dotted line leading to orange "x"

If you’ve been living under a rock for the last few months, you may not have heard the news about the wide-sweeping layoffs. Downsizing has happened even across industries previously thought of as flourishing or stable. As a result, many of those affected by the term-du-jour “employee headcount reductions” have started to consider working flexibly as contractors and navigating from full-time to freelance.

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