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How To Foster Intergenerational Leadership In The New Normal

2020 was a long year for Baby Boomers and other older generations.

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It’s Time For Executives To Step Down From Their Pedestals

When Amazon founder and former CEO Jeff Bezos self-financed his post-divorce space tour, he received nearly as much media coverage in one day as the topic of climate change received in all of 2020. 

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Now Is The Time To Start Embracing Mental Health In The Workplace

In 2020, mental health finally received much due attention.

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The Real Cost Of A Bad Hire

You did everything right. You combed through resumes, brought in the candidates, asked – what you thought, at least – were the right questions, onboarded your choice candidate and then… they bombed.

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The Future Of Leadership Is Empathy—And Companies Are Better For It

We’d all be better off by following the millennial model: showing more empathy at work.

5 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Rebound After A Crisis

The current pandemic is dramatically impacting American small businesses and entrepreneurs. According to a recent report, almost 7.5 million of America’s approximately 30 million small businesses may be forced to close permanently over the next several months. However, many believe that – like other “black swan” events – the COVID-19 pandemic will fuel the next wave of innovation, and more resilient and world-changing startups than ever before.

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Establishing An Entrepreneurial Edge After The Great Shutdown

What is an Entrepreneurial Edge?

Entrepreneurs are constantly seeking an edge, an advantage. In fact, most entrepreneurs are wired to look at the world from an opportunist’s perspective and are regularly working an angle, an approach, or a way of attacking a business opportunity that others have missed or have left exposed.

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The Transformation Is Inevitable

THE TRANSFORMATION IS INEVITABLE—The Industrial Era gives way to the Age of Digital Dominance

(2nd article in a series)

During the next decade, industries, local economies and the nature of work will be transformed on a massive scale and at an accelerating pace. In the U.S., 40% of our workforce is employed in an occupation that could see significant job losses(1).  Although many new jobs will be created, the net impact on jobs will be felt unevenly by industries, communities and workers. Rural and middle America that prospered during the Industrial Era are at a greater risk in the Age of Digital Dominance, as many jobs requiring lower skills will be disproportionally disrupted by six unstoppable forces.

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Winners And Losers

WINNERS AND LOSERS—Jobs and Communities at Risk in the Age of Digital Dominance

(3nd article in a series)

In the future of work, there will be winners and losers.

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Organizations Of The Future

ORGANIZATIONS OF THE FUTURE—Step Aside Boomers, Millennials are Taking Over

(4th article in a series – by Duncan Robins)


In the near future, competition will be so fierce in the winners-take-all global market that corporations will be forced to break with their rigid, Industrial Era, organizational structures.

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The Easy Way To Hire Talent