Before & after

We asked our customers what it was like finding flexible talent before and after FlexTal™. Thousands replied. Wow, what a difference.


Before FlexTal™

Our customers tried everything before finding FlexTal™; agencies, freelancers, employees, DIY, recommendations, friends, family, etc.

Did anything work? No. Here's what our customers said when we asked them what it was like finding talent before FlexTal™.

UpWork is a waste of time.

Jarrad M.Small Business

My freelancer literally quit halfway through the project and left me with a half-built website.

Andy V.Startup

I had nothing but disappointment from my experience working with my own freelancers. The "Top Rated" developer/company that I hired (because of their rating, and hours worked) turned out to be a disaster.

Ray S.Small Business

Upwork is brilliant if you have the experience to vet and hire the right freelancer. However, if you don't then it's not a good platform to use.

Danek C.Small Business

Technology is growing too fast for me and my business to keep up.

Anirvachan V.Startup

I hired my own freelancers and then realized the hard way that they needed to still be managed and held accountable for timelines and budgets.

Katie G.Small Business

Having a single location for all our projects has been amazing.

Kevin E.Small Business

I have no idea how to scope and quote all my own projects. How could one keep up with all the new platforms and technologies?

Ryan S.Small Business

I spent over $30k on marketing and all I feel like I got was bad advice.

Nathan S.Small Business

The agency I hired was more interested in winning creative awards than helping my bottom line.

Patrick S.Startup

There was a point at which the creative team I was working with lost focus on my objectives and became obsessed with the creative itself.

Kimberly B.Enterprise

Wordpress said it was going to be easy and then I had to write copy, find photos, make the site responsive, nothing is ever easy.

Scott A.Small Business

Marketers are always asking for more money, but can rarely explain how much incremental business this money will drive.

John D.Enterprise

It is so hard to get employees to actually show up for work these days.

Waleed S.Startup

I hired an agency and they were so impatient to get started on “the work” that they didn't take the time to fully understand what it was that we were trying to sell.

Katie E.Small Business

It's frustrating that I can't find good freelancers that speak native English to work on my projects.

Connor S.Small Business

Many agencies and design firms apparently have “we’re-so-creative-we-can’t-be-bothered-with-details” syndrome. I hate it.

Cynthia W.Small Business

I asked for a recommendation on my Facebook page and had 50 friends respond and say they could help. I didn't hire any of them because I didn't want to make it awkward or hurt anyone's feelings.

Wanda W.Small Business

After FlexTal™

98% of our FlexTal™ customers say they feel like they're working smarter. They have a better handle on their business, are more productive, and have more time to work on the things they enjoy most in their company.

Here's what customers said when we asked them what changed after finding FlexTal™ to get work done:

Simply put, we get more projects done, quicker, and with better results when we hire FlexTal™.

Adam f.Small Business

I feel like I have an UBER for my projects.

James H.Small Business

Our project backlog is finally cleared.

Sarah B.Startup

FlexTal™ matches me with contractors I need when I need them.

John H.Small Business

No more Googling for solutions.

Andy B.Small Business

I love that they guarantee their talent.

Jennifer H.Small Business

We don't have to get pitched by a million agencies anymore.

Amber H.Small Business

Our company has grown immensely after getting matched with a team of marketing talent.

Lee H.Startup

We've been able to accomplish projects that have been on hold for years.

Aleksandra S.Small Business

It's truly remarkable how quickly things have changed in just a week after we hired FlexTal™.

Mathieu R.Small Business

I get to focus on the projects I enjoy inside my company and let FlexTal™ handle the rest.

Nicole A.Small Business

From my rough project scope to working with what feels like my own marketing team in less than 24 hours. That's fast! Thank you FlexTal™.

Tim G.Small Business

No more wrangling my own contractors. Thank God. I get to let my FlexTal™ project manager deal with all that.

Sean B.Small Business

It was nice to hand off my Shopify site to a team of contractors and watch them get it done fast.

Stefano F.Small Business

Many of the people we hire are not experienced in marketing or design, so FlexTal™ is a godsend.

Annie B.Startup

Our traffic and leads are drastically better and things are starting to look up again.

Greg S.Small Business

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