Purchased a company and needed a diverse set of skills and Talent quickly

FlexTal matched Tim with the Talent he needed to quickly revamp and scale the company

Client: Schuil Coffee Company

Staffing Challenge

Purchased a new company and needed to scale up and staff projects quickly without the hassle of traditional hiring and long-term commitments.

The Outcome

FlexTal matched Tim with 5+ pre-vetted resources with DTC and eCommerce experience. As a result, Tim was able to 3x his company’s growth without having to add fixed traditional employees.

“It was just a very low touch easy way to find a bunch of different Talent.”

Tim VolkemaCEO, Schuil Coffee Company

Talent Matched

UI/UX Designer
Shopify Developer
Paid Search Marketer
Paid Social Marketer
Amazon Marketer
Packaging Designer
eCommerce Consultant

Ave Time to Match

7-10 Days

Success Rate

98% match to hire success rate

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