Vetting Process

Many companies — both large and small — face challenges with finding quality Freelance Talent, from candidate qualifications, to team dynamics, to economics that fit their financial scale. Our Freelance Talent matching platform addresses all of these concerns.

Talent vetting process

Our thorough vetting process allows us to guarantee all our talent. All applicants must undergo an extensive screening process that measures communication, domain expertise, industry experience, and professional skills. To ensure every contractor meets our standards, the process typically takes 2-5 weeks.

1. Individual Assessment

Every applicant is evaluated on their language and communication skills. Applicants also take part in a personality assessment to make sure they are driven and truly passionate about their work.

2. Full Skills Evaluation

Applicants complete a series of assessments to test their problem-solving abilities and skills. To be accepted as a FlexTal™ talent, applicants must prove their level of expertise, and only those who pass with outstanding results advance to the next step.

3. Live Interview

Senior-level domain experts interview every applicant to test for domain knowledge, creativity, problem-solving, and communication skills through live exercises. Our screeners also review their resume, portfolio, and references to gain a complete understanding of the applicant’s background and ability to deliver customer success.

4. Trial Jobs

In this stage, applicants will be given a trial job to complete that will evaluate their ability to perform. A trial job will typically take 1-3 weeks to complete and offers the applicant a real-world scenario to demonstrate their expertise, attention to detail, and professional qualities.

5. Continued Success

We care that you’re consistently happy with your talent and their work. To guarantee you’ll be happy with your experience, all talent have a track record of continued customer success. Flextal™ is a customer-success-focused organization, and we vet both sides of the market to ensure we create the perfect match between our talent and our customers.

In House DIY Freelance Marketplaces*
Expert Vetted X X
Legal & Compliance X
Accounting & Payments X
Time To Match 7-10 Days 1-4 Months 7-10 Days
Talent Guarantee X X
Failure Rate Less than 1% Very high Very high
Pre-Screened Interviews X X
Unlimited Rematches X X
Dedicated Customer Success X X
Termination Costs None $$$$ None
Easily Convert to FTE X X

*UpWork, Fiverr,, etc.

How FlexTal works

1. Get a quote

Share your talent details, and we will send you a quote to review and approve. If you have questions, reach out to our team.

2. Meet your matches

Our Customer Success team will meet with you to help hand-match and onboard your new talent to your team.

3. Get to work

Start work immediately with your new talent. If you’re not happy, we will rematch you with new Freelance Talent anytime.

We guarantee a perfect talent match!

Many organizations face challenges finding diverse talent, from recruiting, vetting, and retention to legal, billing, and payments that fit their financial scale.
Our unique talent solutions and platform address all of these concerns.

Days to match


Happy Customers


Matching Success


Successful Matches


Vetted and guaranteed


Expert Vetted

All of our Talent is thoroughly pre-vetted to ensure their deep knowledge and expertise.


Our Talent is sourced solely from the US to ensure a smooth remote experience.

Talent Guarantee

We guarantee all of our Talent, and if you’re not satisfied, we will rematch you at no extra cost.



Roles and skills

Using your talent details, we will match you to Talent that will help you fulfill your outlined goals and agenda.

Curated Matches

Our team will curate and hand-match only the most qualified Talent for you to personally interview.

Personal Support

Throughout your entire experience, your Customer Success Manager will support you and the Talent.

Cost effective


Simple and Transparent

No hidden fees: our goal is to help you pay the Talent you need when you need it and nothing more.

Shared and Utilized

Our talent has access to quality work and clients, allowing them to live the perfect life they always dreamed of.

Additional Savings

Don’t worry about paying Talent benefits, bonuses, or any other extra costs: we’ve got it covered.

Looking for work?

We have one of the largest US-Based networks of talented marketers, developers, business consultants, designers, finance experts, and sales leaders ready to match and join your team.