How FlexTal works

We enable companies to match with high-quality pre-vetted marketers, developers, business, finance, design, and sales Talent on demand. Here’s how we do that, step by step:


Step 1:

Talk with our Industry Experts

An Expert on our team will work with you to understand your goals, pricing, skills needed, and team dynamics.


Step 2:

Meet your Talent matches

We’ll introduce you to the right talent for your job within days. The average time to match is 7-10 days.


Step 3

The Right Fit, Guaranteed

Start work with your new team member, and have peace of mind knowing that we offer unlimited rematches, and you can cancel at any time if your needs change or you finish the job early.

Unlimited rematches

All our Talent is guaranteed; if you’re not happy with your matched Talent for any reason, we’ll make a new Talent match at any time.

Cancel any time

With FlexTal, you can quickly scale up and down with no strings attached. If your needs change, you finish jobs earlier, or you change directions, you can cancel anytime.

Looking for work?

We have one of the largest networks of Freelance marketers, developers, business, designers, finance, and sales Talent ready to match and join your team.